Athens, Georgia

          At a young age, Matt was introduced to woodworking by his father who himself had been a woodworker by trade for much of his life. Matt spent many summers learning the trade, and when it was time for him to carve out his own niche, he found himself drawn to guitar building. His love for the guitar made it clear to him that his future profession would be in the luthier world, and to one day own his own company much like his father. He attended the Summit School of Guitar Building and Repair, in British Columbia, Canada, where he completed a year long Master Luthier Program. As part of furthering his studies, Matt interned at a local repair shop in Umea, Sweden. After graduating from the Master Luthier Program in 2004, he moved to Nashville, TN where he worked for the Gibson Custom Shop. After years with Gibson, Matt made the decision to further his career by moving to Savannah, GA to work with Bob Benedetto. After working for both companies for roughly ten years, Matt decided it was time to fulfill his lifelong dream of opening a shop, and building a line of high quality guitars that could inspire any player. In April of 2011, Matt opened the doors to Eady Guitars in Athens, GA where he worked to establish himself as a new business, and design his EG Pro Line. The EG Pro Line has been a labor of love for Matt to create, build and now share with the world. 


​​​P: 615.714.9722