Athens, Georgia

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       The original concept for the new EG Pro line was to create an elegant, high quality guitar with the finest materials available. It was always his belief that there is ​​absolutely no compromising in the quality of materials in his instruments, and to never lose focus of what the player needs. Matt carefully hand selects all body and neck woods for each guitar to guarantee the craftsmanship, tonality and playability. The EG Pro line offers a one piece, hand selected, genuine Honduran mahogany both body and neck with a select maple top, duel carbon fiber reinforcement in the necks and has a nitrocellulose lacquer finish with quality machined parts. The construction of this line creates incredible sustain and stability, is lightweight and has a wide range of tonal flavors with distinct character. Matt applies his nitrocellulose lacquer finishes with the same techniques used in the 1950s. These techniques allow his finishes to be thin, flexible and most importantly allows the wood to breath and cure throughout the lifetime of the instrument while bringing out the natural beauty in each piece of wood. The EG Pro line comes with quality machined tuners and bridges with Lollar pickups. This line offers multiple circuitry and pickup configurations to meet the needs of every player. The finishing touches on the final set-up, allow for effortless playing with precise string spacing and height as well as a high attention to detail on the quality of fret work and fingerboard prep for a superior playing surface. After a final polish and full inspection, the guitar is packed in a custom G&G Eady Guitar Case.

EG Pro Series