Includes truss rod adjustment, string height, nut slot, pickup height and pole piece adjustment, then clean, polish, and oil fingerboard.

$60.00 6 String

$75.00 12 String

$75.00  Locking

Nuts and Saddles:

$50.00 Custom Bone Nut

​$80.00 Custom Bone Nut (12 String)

$50.00 Custom Bone Saddle

$80.00 Custom Bone Saddle (12 String)

Fret Dress:

Includes leveling, recrowning and polishing frets. Set-up is included in price.

$130.00 Unfinished Fret Board

$150.00 Finished Fret Board


Set-Up and Bone Nut Included in Price

$300.00 Unbound Fret Board

$330.00 Bound Fret Board

$380.00 Maple Finger Board

$125.00 Partial Refret + $15/Fret (Includes Fret Level and Set-Up)

Electric Wiring:

$30.00 Pickup Installation (single pickup)

$20.00 Pot Replacement

$15.00 Jack Replacement

$60.00 Acoustic Undersaddle Pickup Install

Archtop wiring - Please Inquire

Headstock and Acoustic Body Cracks:

$150.00-$450.00  Headstock Fractures

$10.00 per inch    Acoustic Body Cracks

Repair Pricelist

Athens, Georgia

​​​P: 615.714.9722